Nui Organics Affiliate Program

Established in New Zealand in 2004, Nui Organics aims to provide the best clothing for parents and children. To us, which means the clothing has these crucial features – exceptional quality, creative, comfortable, innovative, fashion-forward. In Maori, nui means big or important, so Nui Organics™ designs sustainable wear with quality materials that respect both people and the planet.

Nui Organics Affiliate Program Benefits and Features:

  • Commission: 8%
  • Category: Apparel, Shoes&Accessories
  • Cookie Window: 30 day(s)
  • Hold period: 60 day(s)
  • Banners: Yes
  • Deeplinking: Yes
  • Promocodes: Yes
  • Policy: You shall not purchase keywords, domain names, advertising, search terms, adwords, or any other identifiers that include the words “Nui Organics,” the names of Nui Organics products, or any variations or misspellings thereof.

Specifically, this policy prohibits you from:

1) Bidding on “Nui Organics” and any keyword string that includes this term;

2) Bidding on “Kina” and any keyword string that includes this term;

3) Purchasing domain names based on “Nui Organics” or “Kina” or variations;


1. What is Nui Organics?

Nui Organics is inspired by our beautiful natural landscape and is committed to creating a collection that showcases the charm of merino wool in unique and exciting ways.

Nui Organics has a 30-day cookie. As long as the customer purchases within 30 days of arriving with your affiliate link you will receive the commission.

3. How much does the Nui Organics affiliate program pay? 

You can get a flat 8% commission.

How to Join Nui Organics Affiliate Program

Actually, it only takes you a little time to start as an affiliate. The steps are as follows:

1. Sign up

First of all, you need to sign up for an account and input your basic information and payment information.

Nui Organics allows you to generate a unique affiliate link that you can include in your blog, email, or social content. If anyone clicks on this link and purchases one of the products, you will get a commission.

3. Withdraw

Once your commission reaches $100, you can withdraw your affiliate revenues via the payment information you submit.